Posted by: orenjo | April 8, 2010

Header and etc.

Playing around with different headers, currently deciding on whether to use Mugi (K-ON), Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou), Syaoran and Sakura (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles), or Setsuna and Gundam 00 (Gundam 00 Second Season). Leaning towards the Natsume or Tsubasa one.
Of course, all of these are temporary until I can find a decent Hitman Reborn Picture or maybe a Zack one. 
The title will also change eventually… dunno what to title this place yet.
Basically it’s a place for me to blog on anime episodes! Hopefully I can keep some consitency.

EDIT: The header is probably going to stay as it is currently. It’s the Vongola family, Japan style! (From Katekyou Hitman Reborn) Yay~ I really like it hehe~



  1. Hi Jo! XD; Is your old blog basically dead now? X3

    Yay for custom headers! XD What do you plan to blog?

    • Um the old blog… hahah XD I’ll probably use to post stories (if I ever start writing again).
      This one will be for anime (and maybe manga) blogging only 😀 hopefully I stick to it!
      Custom headers~! Bwhahaha I figured it out!

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