Posted by: orenjo | April 20, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 01

OP Song: “Uragiri no nai Sekai made” by Rayflower


ED Song: “Aoi Ito” by Rayflower


This is going to be a quick sum up and thoughts instead of a long detailed summary. Lots of screenshots this time too >_< Don’t get used to it. haha.
Our protagonist, Yuki (male, voiced by Hoshi Souichiro) wakes up from a dream, one in which Luka (Sakurai Takahiro) holds a female Yuki (Yukana) and promises never to betray her. Of course Yuki doesn’t remember this and other problems arise for this young teen. Yuki is an orphan, who was found with only his name and so he currently lives with the other children. Kanata (Ishida Akira), his friend who also lived in the orphanage previously, helps him search for a new place to live independently, because he’s soon going to be too old for the orphanage to keep. Someone has also sent two death threats to Yuki. 
On his way to school Yuki helps a man who some punks were beating. Onlookers, Tsukumo (Fukuyama Jun) and Touko (Inoue Marina), who were waiting for Yuki, give him a hand and later praises him for his kindness and mysteriously leaves. (You might notice I have a lot of screenshots of the two hahaha). Later we discover, that Yuki’s classmate, feeling anger at Yuki’s sympathy has been sending the threats. While in the bathroom, a dark force takes over this classmate and lures Yuki to a dangerous situation. Of course, then the mysterious Luka appears to save Yuki from a car crash. He then leaves promising never to betray him.
I really like this series for the numerous voice talents and the light colors. I started cheering when I heard Jun Fukuyama’s voice >_< ah it’s Lelouch! Not really a fan of shoujo but hey the protagonist is a guy! Yay! From the OP and the dreams, the current Yuki used to be female and now Luka aims to protect this Yuki as well. Kanata, from a conversation with Yuki, seems to indicate that Luka and Yuki will somehow pull in the entire world’s fate into the story. I look forward to the next episode >_< which I will to blog soon~~
Side Note: It seems that Crunchyroll is streaming the series as “Uraboku”. I like the full name better, but if you’re searching to watch it, use that if “Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru” doesn’t work.


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