Posted by: orenjo | April 24, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Episode 181

Target 181: “Furious Bolt of Lightning”


Target 182: Silent Storm

Brief catch-up of the Primo Arc: Tsuna and the gang return to the past/present in order to inherit the Primo family’s powers, with help from the Arcobalenos. Each Guardian must complete a test of a Primo family’s Guardian to be accepted to inherit their power. The Arcobaleno, according to their property (Lightning, Sky, etc) are tasked to train and tutor the respective Decimo Guardian.

So we have Vongola’s Guardian of Lighting inheritance! Lampo doesn’t like Lambo, because he’s an annoying kid, and sorta brushes the whole thing off. He gives Lambo the task of going through the amusement park and collecting three stamps, then ultimately reaching where Lampo waits, the castle. These stamps are obtained from simply going on the rides. However, Verde (who should be tutoring Lambo) shows up and uses the attractions to experiment and test Lambo’s lightning rod ability. After many explosions, Lambo and Tsuna reach the castle where Lampo gives Lambo the inheritance.

Next week is Gokudera’s inheritance test, with the preview implying a second Gokudera and Tsuna’s hyper intuition being sealed. Yay more G and his pink hair~

That was a pretty short summary yay ! This was a pretty fun episode though, with plenty of Lampo’s silly expressions. The Go-Karts were pretty hilarious, with Tsuna getting bashed and blown away a few times, but robots were my favorite because all the action from it. Looks like the arc will only show the box weapons/cambio forma of Yamamoto and Tsuna, since they were the only two to use them during choice.


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