Posted by: orenjo | April 25, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 02

Story 2: Eternal Investigation


Story 3: Walpurgis Night

A man named Takashiro appears and claims to be Yuki’s older brother. The sudden appearance leaves Yuki confused. As he thinks over what to do, the past Yuki’s voice tells him he’s running away. When his emotions heightened he unleashes powers that break glass and such around him. This occurs again when Uzuki tells him that he’s unwanted. While running in the rain, he thinks to himself that he wants to meet the man (Luka) from earlier. Eventually Luka does appear in front of him and calms Yuki. While walking together, Luka says his name is Zess. Then demons, Duras, attack and Toko and Tsukumo appear. The episode ends with Takashiro appearing and claiming that Yuki is part of the Giou Clan, along with Toko, Tsukumo, himself, but Zess is a different case. He tells Yuki to join them in order to control his growing powers.

The story’s moving pretty fast and there’s still a lot that needs to be explained. I’m kind of skimming the plot, but lots of foreshadowing and hints of the past are happening too. I really like how the series is handling the little side plots, such as Uzuki’s and Kanata’s actions, rather than a one episode plot sort of thing. They keep a scene for them but keep the main story going too. My favorite scenes were when Yuki was running past the colorful umbrellas and Zess and Yuki’s little moment in the rain, then the sun appears. Those were some beautifully animated scenes!


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