Posted by: orenjo | April 26, 2010

House of Five Leaves 02

Episode 2: Make Love to Me


Episode 3: Gradually

The episode introduces and gives a bit more insight into the different characters in the Five Leaves. Akitsu also gets more involved and used to being around the Five Leaves. Yaichi buys drugs with a portion of the money from the ransoms, the rest he splits with the other members. Akitsu discovers that Yaichi lives in a brothel, as a bodyguard, though the women are more occupied with adoring him than entertaining customers. Ume handles the shop but is also in charge of bringing the hostage to hide at the Elder’s home. He also seems to have a thing for Otake, who he tells Akitsu not to make a move on. Otake herself has only revealed that she collects the maple leaf for the ransom notes. She goes off to play a few times with Akitsu. Otake mentions that with the inclusion of Akitsu, the Five Leaves would be complete. The last member Akitsu mistakes to be the Elder, but actually Matsu works to make sure the ransomed families stay quiet after the hostage is returned. Akitsu himself feels very comfortable with the Five Leaves, mentioniong that while working for his fief government, he didn’t make many friends.

There’s a lot less screenshots than usual ! Though the episode reveals a bit of each character, there’s still plenty of mystery to them. Akitsu not joining though but be very odd, he’s pretty much a part of them, even if he continues to refuse joining.


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