Posted by: orenjo | April 27, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

I finally got to watching the first episode and I’m just completely blown away. The level of intensity of the characters and the drama is just phenomenal. The situation and the storytelling kept my chest clutched the entire time I was watching. I’m going to try to blog this, but I can’t guarantee it. If I do, I’ll probably start off with the newest episode, rather than trying to catch up. Seriously though, it’s a series definitely worth checking out, though there are many themes and events that are a bit sensitive. The series even begins with an explicit warning, this is not your regular anime in any way. There are indeed graphic and brutal scenes. It really sets itself completely apart from the rest of the series out there.

The story follows seven men in prison after WWII, and their hardships as they live through hell. Daily facing humiliation, violation, and violence, they each hold onto their courage, guts, and bonds.


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