Posted by: orenjo | April 30, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode 03

Crime 3: Distrust

Crime 4: Dissolve

Joe returns to Black 2, Cell 6. Baremoto feels that all their efforts were wasted, but Sakuragi claims that it’s not whether or not he achieved that matters, Joe simply took a one in a hundred chance. While the others play baseball, Joe decides to become a famous singer, so famous, that even his sister will hear of him one day. At this point, the boys trust each other, especially Sakuragi, who they affectionately call Anchan. Baremoto, however doesn’t trust any of them. Ishiara uses the distrust of Baremoto to try to hurt Anchan. He gets Baremoto to tell the others that Anchan ended up in prison because he killed his parents. Baremoto doesn’t trust people at all, believing that he only has himself to trust. This distrust of man comes from his past, where his mother would prostitute herself in order to gain any bit of food for him. After Baremoto indirectly sets off a fire, Ishihara throws out the key for Block 2, Cell 6 in order to kill Anchan. He doesn’t realize that Anchan is actually already outside, leaving the other five in the locked cell. Mario believes that Anchan will come save them, which he does attempt to do because he still considers them his friends.

The opening scene with Joe’s return was really touching, especially Anchan’s comfort. Baremoto’s voice actor/seiyuu, Keiji Fujiwara is always excellent, but pretty impressive with Baremoto’s various expressions. As much as I do like Anchan, Baremoto’s suspicions are reasonable to an extent, but being in prison for long also constitutes for some kinds of bonds to form as well, I guess? I’m looking forward the next episode, especially some character development for Baremoto.


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