Posted by: orenjo | April 30, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 03

Story 3: Walpurgis Night

Story 4: Lost Days and White Future

Of course, Takashiro and the Giou clan have other motives besides helping Yuki. Zess tells Takashiro that Yuki won’t act as they think, but Takashiro merely tells Zess to stay away from Yuki and let him develop his powers because they’re necessary to save the world. Zess however, warns Yuki to stay indoors the next night which is Walpurgis Night. Duras come out of hiding from people’s shadows and gain tremendous power during their festive night. While driving, Takashiro’s nightmare reminds him of his need for revenge against Reiga the Necromancer. The next morning, Yuki calls Takashiro, saying he won’t go to Tokyo with him. That same night, two of the girls from Yuki’s orphanage are missing and he goes out to search for them. Tsukumo informs Zess of this through telepathy and Tsukumo, Touko, and Zess search for him.

This was pretty late…. >_>….haha.. The part of Giou wanting Yuki reminds me a bit of Nabari no Ou… except Yuki isn’t really like Miharu and Yoite not like Zess… Besides that, Uzuki and maybe Kanata seem to be finally making their move. Zess looks a lot better in his casual clothing and the female Yuki looks nice in traditional Japanese clothing rather than more European style. This was more of a build-up sort of episode, but we found out more about Tsukumo yay! His telepathy must be how he communicates with the sparrows and they make for a useful means of communication. Ah Fukuyama and Sakurai conversing reminds me of Lulu and Suzaku~~


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