Posted by: orenjo | May 1, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Epsiode 182

Target 182: Silent Storm

Target 183: Aloof Cloud

While celebrating Lambo’s success in getting the inheritance, Gokudera grows more irritated. Fong tells him to wait patiently. Meanwhile, Skull is still having no luck with training Hibari. The next morning, Gokudera decides to train to prepare for his inheritance test. G, the Primo’s Guardian of Storm, arrives and Fong buys him time by distracting Gokudera. The entire school day, G acts as Gokudera, helping Tsuna with class and sports. The Primo blocked Tsuna’s super intuition in order for him not to notice that it was actually Gokudera. After G defeats a group of thugs (who Gokudera fought the other night), the true Gokudera appears and G reveals himself. G refuses to give the inheritance, because Gokudera does not meet the expectations of a Right Hand Man. He suggests for Gokudera to leave and return to Italy. Tsuna, however, doesn’t want Gokudera to leave because he’s his friend despite his imperfections as a Right Hand Man. Gokudera passes the inheritance test, since G actually wanted to test if the two had an unbreakable bond. At the shrine, G and the Primo reminiscent about their days when they began Vongola.

G makes out as a really awesome Right Hand Man, especially in comparison to Gokudera haha, much more reliable. Next week will be Hibari’s inheritance test! According to the preview, it won’t be  a test involving combat… I actually wanted to see Alaude and Hibari face off.


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