Posted by: orenjo | May 2, 2010

House of Five Leaves 03

Episode 3: Gradually Get Him Invovled

Episode 4: Sure Does Get Carried Away

Akitsu begins by explaining that Yaichi was able to get him a decent job as a bodygaurd for the owner of Ohmiya Rice Wholesaler. Unknown to Akitsu, the master of Ohmiya is the House of Five Leaves’ next target. Yaichi tells Matsu that Akitsu will play a useful role later when they collect the ransom. Akitsu actually doesn’t know of their plans because he probably wouldn’t go along with it. Matsu spies on Ohmiya’s household through the master’s wife. He makes pipes and hair ornaments for her. Akitsu gained his job thanks to Matsu’s recommendation. While at the Ohmiya household, Akitsu meets a little boy, who he thinks at first to be a neighbor’s kid. He befriends and plays with the boy named Yutaro. Eventually Yaichi tells Akitsu of their true plans for having him there at Ohmiya. Yaichi says that it’s all for the money.

While speaking to the master’s wife, Matsu discovers that Yutaro is really the master’s adopted son. The wife hates him though because he’s the son of the master and his mistress. Hearing of this news, the House of Five Leaves decide to change their plans and target Yutaro rather than the master, who is harder to approach. While playing, Yutaro and Akitsu fall asleep, Matsu finds them and kidnaps Yutaro. The ransom note left behind instructs the master to task the bodygaurd in delivering the money. Yaichi comments on the usefulness of Akitsu, then the episode ends with a flashback of Yaichi. He was once kidnapped by a group, but the note left behind was one from inside his household. The group of kidnappers tell him that his servant, Yaichi, was the one who hired them.

Slowly, Yaichi’s past is being revealed. Matsu gets a lot of screentime this time around, as most of his work comes behind the scenes of the kidnappings. Yutao’s a pretty adorable innocent kid, it’d be rather tragic if he too had to end up like Yaichi.


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