Posted by: orenjo | May 5, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode 04

Crime 4: Dissolve

Episode 5: Someday…

An-chan reaches the cell, and attempts to break the door open to free the boys. Meanwhile, Baremoto searches in the grass for the key that Ishihara threw out. Ishihara finds Baremoto and bribes him to return the key. Baremoto however refuses to hand over the key, claiming that the boys are his first group of friends. Despite Ishihara’s beatings, Baremoto continues to hold on the key. Ishihara eventually gives up, convinced that An-chan is dead. Meanwhile, in front of the cell, a part of the ceiling falls on top of An-chan, crushing his leg and immobilizing him. Mario finally gives up, but An-chan tells them that that person will definitely come. From the flames, Baremoto appears triumphantly with the key to save them. Once out of the cell, all the boys help to free An-chan from the rumble. They emerge out of the prison together, to Ishihara’s disbelief. An-chan gives Ishihara a punch and collapses.

Waking up after a day of unconsciousness, An-chan demands to know what happened to the others. The nurse reports that they’re all safe and were all worried about him. They even offered all their blood to save him. An-chan reminisces that they shouldn’t try to save someone like him. Then we get a flashback of An-chan’s past and his supposed “parricide”. When he was a child, An-chan’s father left to fight in World War Two, but went MIA by war’s end. His five older brothers were killed during the war, leaving him and his mother. When he becomes a teen, much closer to his current age, he lives as a regular highschool boy and takes deep interest in boxing. His father returns one day, but after returning, he led a poor life. His father drank constantly and did not work. An-chan wanting to get away from the sight trained in boxing for as long as possible, rather than returning home. One night he finds his father drunk and confronts him about his pathetic self. His father gets up and tells him to take care of his mother. The next morning, his father’s body is found drown in the river.

An-chan takes up the fault of his father’s death. His father, who couldn’t fit into society and lost his precious sons, was left with his last son’s shame. An-chan, wanting to never lose someone again treasures the boys. Overhearing the entire story, the boys enter the room to cheer him up. Baremoto attempts to confess about the fire, but An-chan stops him, not wanting to hear of it. The episode leaves on a happy note, the boys returning to the prison with the knowledge that An-chan will be released once he’s better.

 Really, RAINBOW is THE anime to watch, with such an insanely good set up of characters and story. The episode was extremely powerful, especially An-chan’s back story. Familial stories just kill me, especially one like An-chan’s. Baremoto’s development as well was incredibly well done. Next episode will show us the tree shown at the beginning. The ending of this episode and preview seem to hint that An-chan will leave, but the doctor’s face at the end and the preview don’t look like too good signs.


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