Posted by: orenjo | May 14, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 183

Target 183: Aloof Cloud

Target 184: Sunny then Cloudy

This episode begins Hibari’s Guardian of Cloud Inheritance test. The episode primarily revolves around both Ryohei and Hibari. Ryohei begins the episode by pulling a roller around school with Reborn dressed as Master Pao Pao on his head.  Tsuna and gang also meet Hibari in the hall, who of course doesn’t care for the Vongola Inheritance. Skull attempts to chase after Hibari but is easily intimidated and runs off.  While Ryohei trains with Kangaryu, Reborn explains that all of Ryohei’s pent so much energy waiting around that it needs to get used up in some way. At the same time, Alaude appears before Hibari. The Primo Cloud Guardian doesn’t feel that Hibari is worth battling so he instructs Hibari to prove himself as a Vongola Guardian of Cloud in whatever way he feels, but must be completed within the day. Uninterested, Hibari refuses to participate.

Skull hearing of this eventually tells Tsuna and everyone. Upon hearing Hibari’s disinterest, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto try to talk with Hibari to get him to fulfill the test. Each of them failing, Ryohei confronts Hibari, stalking him all the way to the rooftop. Not loosing a single step, Ryohei tries to convince him by saying that it’s a man’s duty and such. Eventually it boils down to a battle, but the two are rudely interrupted by Skull, who appears on his airship. From the intercom, Skull once again attempts to convince Hibari into taking the test. When all fails, Skull begins to shoot missiles at Hibari. Reborn instructs the others (Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto) to not get involved and let Ryohei and Hibari take care of things. In order to protect the school, Ryohei and Hibari unleash their box weapons and destroy the incoming missiles. However, with one of Hibari’s attacks, the airship comes crashing towards the school….

Even though it’s a Hibari episode, it was a bit tiresome to watch. They overemphasize that Hibari doesn’t want to get involved with the Vongola family. Of course, he already knows that he’s part of the fight in the future… but ignoring that, Ryohei had quite a bit of the spotlight. His straightforward personality made for a bit of laughs, especially when he tried to convince Hibari to take the test. Really though, the episode played and depended too much on Hibari’s stubbornness, that getting the school in danger was predictable. Having Hibari sweat over an airship possibly crashing into Namimori seems a bit out of his character. Looks like the next episode will wrap it up and maybe somehow involve Ryohei’s test? Maybe.


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