Posted by: orenjo | May 16, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 04

Story 4: Lost Days and White Future

Story 5: A New Encounter

Yuki runs towards the rooftop, to see Uzuki and the kids tied up close by. Uzuki attacks Yuki and reveals that Uzuki’s body is being controlled by a Mid-Villain level Duras named Banyu. Banyu further explains that Duras are ranked by strength, from lowest to highest: Nidatorehi, Mid-Villains, and then Opasts. As Banyu unleashes an attack (that looks reminiscent of Gates of Babylon), Tsukumo enters and saves Yuki. Meanwhile Touko attempts to reach Tsukumo and Yuki but a horde of Duras block her way. Easily blowing them away, Zess enters. Back on the roof, Tsukumo’s been hit and a poison of sorts is spreading throughout his body. Before Banyu can hit Yuki, Zess and Touko arrive. Stunned by Zess’ strong magical power, Banyu notices the “Bloody Cross” tattoo on his arm and recognizes him as Brand Zess of the “sinful betrayer clan”.

If Banyu dies then the poison in Tsukumo will stop spreading, but that will cause Uzuki to die as well. Yuki stops Zess from attacking, not wanting Uzuki to get hurt. Banyu takes this chance to wound Zess. Pained by the suffering he’s cause everyone around him, Yuki awakens his power. Yuki begins to glow and light fills the area. Uzuki reverting back, prompts Zess to attack while he’s still himself. Healed from the light, Tsukumo is able to shoot Banyu out of Uzuki, and Zess delivers the finishing blow. Yuki uses his power to completely heal Tsukumo’s wound. Touko explains that Yuki’s power, “The Light of God” takes on the pain in order to heal. Yuki and Uzuki are finally able to clearly speak to each other and Uzuki realizes Yuki’s kindness.

The next morning, Yuki tries to call Kanata, but he has already moved out of the apartment. The night before, they rejected Yuki, scared of the blood on him. Yuki cries as he questions why he was born. Zess however, tells him that he’s here and asks for Yuki to go together with him. He promises never to betray Yuki. With a tearful farewell to the girls, Yuki meets with the others who wait to go to Tokyo. Zess gives Yuki, his “Master”, his true name, Luka Crosszeria.

This is so late hahahaha…. Aside from my earlier Gates of Babylon reference, Tsukumo’s shot to seperate the Duras from Uzuki was also reminiscent of Guache’s “Kurobari”. From the preview, we might get to see Ono Daisuke and Miyano Mamoru’s characters, yay~.


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