Posted by: orenjo | May 17, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode 05

Crime 5: Someday…

Crime 6: Truth

The doctor, Sasaki, allows for An-chan to return to the prison with only one month left for him, since he wanted to return to the others. Ishihara has been put on house arrest for his involvement in the fire, Kumagai is the new warden for Block 2. On a sunny day, the boys work on construction or beautification of sorts. During their break, they each share their dreams. They each carve their dreams into the tree, with Mario asking them to go on. He then writes that he wishes for everyone’s dream to come true.

Back at the prison, Ishiahra returns and transfers An-chan into a different cell. In the new cell are some pretty lowlife inmates, who Ishihara expects to beat An-chan to death. Ishihara’s plans are completely in league with Sasaki, who also doesn’t want An-chan to be released. The inmates in Block 1, Cell 8 beat An-chan each night, but he simply smiles back at them. While eating, Mario notices that one of the Block 1 guys has bruises on his fists. He realizes what they’re doing to An-chan and punches him. Afterwards, he gets scolded for aggravating the Block 1 inmates, who will take it out later on An-chan. An-chan meanwhile gets his food dumped on him, but he eats it up despite their taunting. He only has three weeks left and refuses to fight back.

The next morning, Mario apologizes to the Block 1 guys, and even goes as far as to allow them to beat him up instead of An-chan. The inmates take some heavy blows to Mario, they even decide to smash Mario’s right hand with a rock in order to ruin any chance of him boxing again. That night, while taunting An-chan, they mention about their beating of Mario. This invokes An-chan, who lets himself loose on the main inmate.The episode ends with An-chan ready to give an epic ass-kicking.

Wow this was such a hard episode to watch, and I just couldn’t revisit it till I watched episode 6. You can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, with An-chan’s release date crawling closer, Ishihara gone, and the kind warden, Kumagai. Then they smash the end shut, only leaving a crack of light. But really, you’re not even sure if it’s light anymore. That stomach turning feeling I had this entire episode built so much suspense into the episode. The beautiful scene with everyone, Mario’s crushed hand, the torture that An-chan puts up with, and the end, with An-chan about to own the other inmates, just brings out so much emotion.


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