Posted by: orenjo | May 18, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 184

Target 184: Sunny then Cloudy

Target 185: The Trap is Set

Skull’s airship sinks closer to Namimori Middle. Kyoko and Haru, along with I-pin and Lambo, arrive at the school, concerned about Chrome, who has yet to show up. Meanwhile, Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera evacuate the school. Hibari, uses his box weapon to stop incoming missiles and Ryohei uses a Maximum Canon to destroy the airship. Skull gets away in an escape pod, and in retaliation shoots more missiles. Ryohei stops three of them, but a stray one heads towards Kyoko and Haru. In the nick of time, Hibari’s hedgehog blocks the attack from hitting them. Hibari then uses his hedgehogs to reach and destroy Skull’s escape pod.

After the Skull issue, Hibari agrees to take the Inheritance Test, since Ryohei saved Namimori. Knuckle, the Primo Vongola Guardian of Sun, arrives. He praises Ryohei’s for his extreme resilience and effort in trying to convince Hibari, as well as his courage to save everyone without hesitation. Alaude then arrives, Hibari has already shown his duty as the Guardian of Cloud. Without¬†associating himself to the family, he still kept to his duty and protected Kyoko and Haru. Each gain their inheritance.

That night, while Ken snacks away, Chrome returns. However, she’s in complete tears… not knowing what to do, Ken offers her snacks… At Tsuna’s house, the Primo Vongola Guardian of Mist watches Tsuna, claiming that similar to the Primo, Tsuna is not prepared to be Vongola Boss.

This week finishes up both Ryohei and Hibari’s test, and leads up to Chrome’s test next week. Spades is a jerk if he made Chrome cry…. I kinda wanted Knuckle and Alaude to be similar to Ten Years Later Ryohei and Hibari… or maybe just Knuckle to be a bit more cheerful and extreme like Ryohei.


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