Posted by: orenjo | May 22, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 05

Story 5: A New Encounter

Story 6: The Boundary Between Light and Despair

Within his dreams, Yuki finds himself on a bed (in the previous Yuki’s body) with Luka beside him. In the dream, Luka kisses him (her), and Yuki awakens, to find Luka’s head resting on his shoulder. As the car continues to drive, Yuki lets out a scream, and Toko and Tsukumo turn around. Toko notes that they’ve never seen Luka sleep before. Suddenly, Yuki mentions that he can’t seem to heal Luka’s wounds, but Toko ensures him that Luka didn’t want Yuki feeling pain over his injury. Since they need Yuki, the Duras are after him. They’ve been fighting Duras since their previous lives. The Zweilt Guardians always work in pairs, such as Tsukumo and Toko, in order to fight Duras. They all live together at the Twilight Mansion. However, Yuki and Luka are headed to meet Takashiro at the police station rather than heading straight to the Twilight Mansion. Toko tells Yuki to expect meeting Hotsuma and Shusei then, two other Zweilt Guardians.

Switching over to the police station, we meet Hotsuma (Ono Daisuke) and Shusei (Miyano Mamoru). When Shusei mentions they’ll meet Yuki, Hostuma shows disinterest and a bit of annoyance. Shusei uses his powers to see the culprit of cases within a crystal ball. Before Yuki gets out the car, Toko tells Yuki that “Hotsuma’s an unfriendly hothead, with a dirty mouth”, but good at what he does. After meeting Yuki, Takashiro asks to talk to Luka alone for a bit. He asks Luka whether his feelings are the same, but feels he doesn’t need to. Luka says that it’s Yuki and that their souls are the same. Luka promises to protect Yuki, but he doesn’t trust Takashiro.

While helping a little girl who fell, Yuki’s attacked by a Duras. Hotsuma appears and destroys it with his flame. He yells at Yuki for being so wide open and Yuki immediately recognizes him from Toko’s description. Luka returns to Yuki and Hotsuma leaves. Yuki finds that Hotsuma looked very sad. Passing by Shusei, Hotsuma claims he only needs him. Shusei thinks to himself that Hotsuma hasn’t realized how painful kindness can be.

This was a pretty fun episode, with the two new characters, Hotsuma and Shusei, as well as the various chibi scenes. The chibi-ness makes the characters seem very cute, especially Hotsuma, who comes off a bit jerky. The beginning scene with Yuki’s dream then scream was quite hilarious, as well as Tsukumo’s “You have me” to Toko’s blushing at Luka. The preview includes both Hotsuma and Shusei, so maybe we’ll get more of their characters and maybe even a battle?


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