Posted by: orenjo | May 23, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 06

Story 6: The Boundary Between Light and Despair

Story 7: The Twilight Mansion

At the station, Hotsuma and Shusei converse about Yuki while Hotsuma eats a burger. Hotsuma still doesn’t want to protect Yuki, but it’s their duty as Zweilt Guardians. Yuki meets the little girl again and Luka chases after a Duras he senses. Hotsuma notices Luka running up to the roof and so he goes downstairs to check on Yuki. The girl runs off, with Yuki following, eventually leading to a strange man holding a knife to the girl. Yuki acts immediately and knocks out the man in order to save the girl. Hotsuma scolds him for his recklessness, but Yuki smiles because Hotsuma’s worrying over him. Hotsuma wonders aloud whether he’s the same Yuki or not.

The strange man gets up and mud men emerge from the forest, Hotsuma fights them off with his flame, but they continue to appear. At the station, Shusei sets up a barrier, which allows for them to fight without damaging the surrounding. Luka enters and destroys a number of the mudmen, the mudmen are only dolls, controlled by an outside source. Luka however cannot sense the certain Duras, since there are too many mudmen. He begins an incantation to wipe the mudmen out, using Hotsuma as his support to buy him some time. He easily does so by summoning his weapon, Master Stroke. Luka summons Salamander and wipes out the mudmen. The controlling Duras is in the little girl, but Yuki fends her off. After witnessing her pain, he tries to free her with God’s Light, but ultimately it’s Shusei’s powers that separate them. Hotsuma finishes the Duras off.

Shusei and Takashiro explain that even a tiny child can hold pain in their heart. You can only tell when a Duras feeds off that darkness by the blood seal on their hand. However, Opasts level Duras use the form of a beautiful human to lure in humans (Shusei looks towards Luka as he says this). When Hotsuma leaves with Shusei, he tells him, he’d only work with someone he trusts his life with. When asked if he thinks the same, Shusei remarks that it’s a bit scary. Meanwhile Takashiro mentions how he hates toe deceive Yuki.

I really like Hotsuma, haha~ he’s quite cute with his straigthforward personality. I’m also quite impressed with how well Miyano Mamoru’s smooth voice fits Shusei perfectly. They’re not in next week’s preview but I really want to see more development for the two. I’m also glad for Yuki’s active personality, he acts immediately by his gut rather than relying back on Luka or Hotsuma to save the day. On the other hand, Takashiro remains a bit of an iffy character for me, with his ulterior motives and deceit, as well as Luka who also seems to be hiding a bit. Next week looks like we’ll get to see the Twilight Mansion, maybe some new Zweilt Guardians, and a furry black bat thing? (Not sure if I want to say it’s creepy or cute…)



  1. Incredibly awesome writing. Honestly.

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