Posted by: orenjo | May 25, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 185

Target 185: The Trap is Set

Target 186: Bewitching Mist

The other first generation Vongola Guardians are concerned with the next test, The Guardian of Mist’s. Also concerned about Chrome, the 10th generation family go to Kokuyo Land to search for her. On the way, they run into Ken and Chikusa and hear of Chrome’s return from the pair. Rushing over to Kokuyo Land, they discover Chrome in a terribly depressed state. When she finally realizes full conciousness, she cries, it being too painful to fight any longer. The girls ask for Tsuna and the other boys to let them handle comforting Chrome.  When the sun begins to set, Tsuna and the other Guardians plus the Arcobaleno return back to Kokuyo Land to check on the girls. As Reborn thought the one behind Chrome’s strange behavior was Daemon Spades, the Primo Guardian of Mist. Trapping the girls inside the building, Spades denies Tsuna as the 10th, as well as his Guardians.

Nothing much going on in this episode. The episode itself even used flashbacks for scenes shown just 5 or so minutes before… Proabably the worst of the Inheritance Arc Episodes, considering little that actually happened (unless you get a kick out of seeing our pineapple Head Guardian). For me, Lambo gave plenty of relief and freshness to the overbearing dull episode.


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