Posted by: orenjo | May 30, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 07

Story 7: Twilight Mansion

Story 8: Brand Zess

Yuki and Luka arrive at the Twilight Mansion and meet an array of new faces. Kureha Aya, the caretaker, Tachibana, the manager, Dr. Izusa, the doctor and Duras researcher, and Toma Kasumi, the cook, live with the Zweilt Guardians in the mansion. Various humourous events occur, Luka’s jealousy over Toko and Tsukumo giving Yuki a welcome hug, Dr. Izusa’s desire to examine Luka, as well as the adorable Sodom, Luka’s familiar, attacking Izusa. However, little wheels of the plot turn throughout the episode. Toko and Tachibana hint at the tremendous suffering Yuki felt from the last battle, a bit more of Shusei’s distancing from Hotsuma, and Reiga seems to be moving.

Short, vague summary, (maybe I’ll come back and write more), but Episode 8 comes out in a few hours and it’s super late X_X. Really looking forward to the next episode though, with some skin from Shusei and Hotsuma! Looks like Kanata will finally talk to Yuki and the title seems to hint at discovering some of Luka’s past! Hopefully we’ll get plenty of Hotsuma and Shusei development!!


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