Posted by: orenjo | May 31, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 186

Target 186: Bewitching Mist

Target 187: Memories of Betrayal

Daemon Spade explains that he took the girls in order for the 10th Vongola family to become the ideal Vongola. His ideal Vongola needs to be the strongest to defeat any foe. The Primo decides not to interfere with Daemon, to the dissatisfaction of G who can’t forgive Spade for betraying the Primo. Meanwhile the girls are losing oxygen slowly, in order to save them, Tsuna and the other Guardians enter the building. Spade uses his illusions to make the building “vanish”. The Arcobaleno split up, Coronello to get Mammon, Fong to get “him”, and Skull to do a task for Reborn.

Inside the building, Tsuna and the others fall into a hole and into Spade’s illusions. They each are set up against a phantom of themselves. As they fight themselves, Daemon constantly lectures on needing to destroy the enemy by all means possible. Finally Tsuna goes into Hyper Dying Will mode…. and the episode ends…

Another slow, set-up, very filler-esque episode. We got one shot of Squalo yay~ Daemon’s “mmhmm” gets very annoying, very quickly, almost as bad as Kikyo’s “Haa~haa~”. Mukuro-sama’s “Kufufu” is much nicer. There’s about 3~5 episodes left to the season, hoping we don’t get a sudden Sky Trial and then a review episode for this sad little arc…though looking at most other arcs, that’ll be the case one way or the other. Come one, we all want a fight between Tsuna and Giotto!!


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