Posted by: orenjo | May 31, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode 06

Crime 6: Truth

Crime 7: Determination

With three weeks left before his release, An-chan unleashes his fury on the Block 1 guys for injuring Mario. Not only did he beat them nearly to death, he also coerced their silence as well. Fully taken aback, Ishihara goes into a bit of a panic mode, but Sasaki simply tells him to target An-chan’s friends rather than him. An-chan meets with the others to warn them about staying close to him. Of course, with great timing, Ishihara appears. He forces the others to bow in the rain as An-chan watches, wanting him to act up. Each of the boys hold the attitude that Soldier perfectly worded as, “Bring it on.” Finally however, An-chan holds back Ishihara from striking the boys and lands himself in a solitary cell. With no one else in the cell, Ishihara easily tortures An-chan by refusing him any food, expecting him to die of hunger.

A year before, Block 2, Cell 6 had only two inmates, An-chan and Hagino, both were close. Hagino’s mother had an illness and he stole in order to pay for the medical bill. Ishihara sold Hagino to Sasaki as a sex slave, Hagino only agreeing because Sasaki promised to let him out early. Of course, neither Sasaki or Ishihara would hold this end of the bargain. Ultimately Hagino commits suicide, leaving a note of the truth for An-chan. Both Ishihara and Sasaki fear An-chan leaving because he knows of their secret.

Hearing that An-chan receives no food, everyone entrusts their dinner to Supon to deliver to An-chan. Enduring the beatings of the guards, Supon reaches An-chan’s cell and delivers a rice ball for him to eat. With tears in his eyes, An-chan eats the bloodied rice balls. He thinks to himself, that he doesn’t want to die just yet, since he has such great friends.


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