Posted by: orenjo | June 2, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 08

Story 8: Brand Zess

Story 9: Scar

Yuki, Tsukumo, and Tachibana, as well as Hotsuma are about to take a bath in the communal bathhouse in the mansion. However, they failed to realize that the girls had a sign up, as they are currently taking a bath. So of course, they enter and earn scolding. While Yuki apoligizes, Toko slips out that Yuki was a girl before and had often taken baths together. Another fact revealed is that Shusei never takes baths with them, most likely due to burns on his body, which Hotsuma regretfully claims were his fault.

The next day, Luka takes Yuki to school in a snazzy red car. Once Luka leaves, Kanata calls out to Yuki. Kanata asks whether Yuki really wants to return with him or not. After Toko and Tsukumo show up, Kanata tells Yuki that he awaits a positive reply and leaves. On the way home, Luka encourages Yuki to do what he wants, and he will follow him despite whatever decision. Suddenly they’re both attacked by three Mid-Villians. After killing them, Yuki asks Luka about himself.

Luka reveals that due to his ancestor’s mistake, he’s been branded as a traitor and must continue to fight. However, that’s changed since he’s met Yuki. Yuki however questions whether that Yuki is the same as him. Back at the mansion, Toko wonders why this one time, Yuki resurrected as a male. Tachibana says perhaps it’s because this will be the last time. Meanwhile, Yuki makes crosses for Luka and the others, including Shusei and Hotsuma. Takashirou told him that anything he makes will act as a protective charm. Later, he gives Kanata a call, telling him he can’t return yet. After the ending credits, Reiga prompts Ashley…

Judging from the preview and the title, the two kids see between the window and the piano are Hotsuma and Shusei? Random shot in the dark really. Maybe we’ll get into their back story a bit more and why Hotsuma is to blame for those scars. Lots of fan service this week yay~ More Hotsuma yay~


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