Posted by: orenjo | June 6, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 187

Target 187: Memories of Betrayal

Target 188: Primo’s Will

Tsuna and his Guardians continue to fight Daemon Spade’s phantoms. Primo continues to not act and the Arcobalenos gather each other. In order to preserve some air, Yuni uses her powers. Chrome then gets up to try to break the illusion. Daemon Spade reveals that he caused the Primo to leave and flee to Japan, not Secondo. When the Arcobaleno arrive, Hibari rampages and causes Spade’s illusion to break, and Chrome frees the girls from the illusion as well. Not done yet, Spade taunts that he must now use his true powers.

Vague summary, wary of the Mist Inheritance and this filler in general. I wonder if the mangaka even has any say with the flow of this arc, especially such a strong acquisition that Spade is the reason for Giotto to flee to Japan. Looks like everyone will have their inheritance and make their way back to the future. The week after will probably be a review or a wrap up episode of some sort.


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