Posted by: orenjo | June 7, 2010

Durarara!! – For Baccano! Fans!

Recently I marathoned through a good deal of the Durarara!! episodes. Durarara!!’s an ongoing series which has gained quite a strong fanbase. A thing to note about Durarara!! is that it’s a light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita, who also wrote Baccano! The production team for both series are pretty close to identical? well at least the important people (haha). Just as Baccano! had numerous famous voice actors, Durarara!! does as well, even some voicing for both (including Keiji Fujiwara!!). But of course it’s not fair to judge Durarara!! on the basis of how amazing Baccano! was. However, Durarara!! does not forget about us Baccano! lovers, with various references to the series. Just to show a few~ (maybe I’ll add more later, but these are just some spotted up to Episode 12)

Edited: Added a shot from Episode 18.
Edited: Added a shot from Episode 24.

The password? Our favorite series of course.

Jacuzzi and Nice make an appearence as one of the episode airs above a busy intersection!

The beautiful Chane appears on a poster!

A poster of Miria and Isaac as they dance before the station! (Along with DtB and Cencoroll)

Some more Baccano posters, as well as these two doing a similar-ish pose to that of Miria and Isaac’s from the second Baccano! DVD. (There’s even a point where Erika imitates one of Miria’s lines).

A poster of Maiza spotted!

Ok, this is super pushing it haha, it probably doesn’t count as a reference. But just imagine if that was our adorable Graham Spector, he’d disassemble that car in seconds!

Another poster of Chane plus a clip from a Baccano! episode playing on the screen again. This time though, we see Claire and Chane!!! With all these posters of Chane, she must be a supermodel in 2010 haha~

A scene of Ladd Russo and Lua playing again from that central area’s screen!! One of my favorite moments of Ladd. Shame no other Baccano! characters made the series, oh well.

Now for the shining moment of Durarara!!

Hmm, cellphones, “It’s the breakdown of the family unit”!

Nee, Isaac~~~

Nandai, Miria~~?

That’s exactly right, Miria~


Now we’re part of the group that the hipsters on the street spread rumors about!

SUGOOOI!!!!!~ SUUUGGOOOOIIII!!!!!!!~ SUUUGGGOOOOIIIIII!!!~ Hurray for both Durarara!! and Baccano! as well as Ryohgo Narita!


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