Posted by: orenjo | June 9, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 09

Story 9: Scars

Story 10: Cry of Despair

Shusei wakes up from a dream of his childhood with Hotsuma. He leaves for school early, not stopping to have breakfast. Yuki discovers his burns, but Luka says that scars made by friends can’t be healed. Hotsuma brings a prepared breakfast to Shusei, and bumps into a girl on his way out. To dry off water from his uniform, Shusei gives Hotsuma his handkerchief. Takashiro has a case and Toko, Shusei, and Tsukumo are called over. On the way, Tsukumo tells Shusei that he likes him as well as Yuki. Yuki leaves with Hotsuma, since Toko and Tsukumo are working. Forgetting the handkerchief, a girl with a crush on Hotsuma picks it up. Hearing about a House of Divination, which can predict compatibility, the girl sets off for it along with Shusei’s handkerchief. However, at the House, Ashley awaits.

We discover about Hotsuma’s past and about his relationship with Shusei. As a child, his power of God’s Voice has only hurt him, since he ends up burning others in anger. He turned to Shusei for comfort. While alone, Hotsuma asks him if he’ll always be with him, and Shusei agrees. Upon seeing the burn marks, Hotsuma swears he’ll spend the rest of his life to atone. The next day, Hotsuma hears that his parents want to see him. The parents of Zweilt guardians receive hefty payments in return for their child, Hotsuma was abandoned by his parents, who only sought to rid of such a dangerous child.

Chasing after him and holding on his arm, Yuki manages to see into Hotsuma’s pain. Hotsuma begins to ignite a flame out of his panic. He then remembers a time when he tried to set himself on fire, but Shusei runs and holds onto him, begging him to take him with him if he still wants to die. Not wanting to cause Yuki the same pain, Hotsuma manages to stop his power. Watching the two, Shusei remarks that he knew Yuki would be the one to heal Hotsuma, but Luka wonders who will heal Shusei. Just as much as Hotsuma needed him, Shusei also needed Hostuma. He disappears after saying he’s served his purpose.

Finally a long-awaited Hotsuma and Shusei episode! Though it ended quite sadly, with Shusei completely vanishing. Looks that it might be the work of Ashley rather than some self-enlightenment on Shusei’s part though that causes him to disappear.


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