Posted by: orenjo | June 12, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 11

Episode. 11 Change the World

Next Episode:
[Episode 12] Knockin’ on heaven’s door

While Hinata and Ayato argue over who helps Otonashi on his mission to free everyone of their burdens, a shadow appears from behind Ayato. Otonashi and Hinata are able to defeat it without any injuries. After hearing Yusa’s report on the event, Yuri calls for all the Battlefront members to always move as a group of at least 2 and summons Tenshi for a meeting. At the meeting, Tenshi reveals that she added a new program, wings for decoration. Cutting into the meeting is the sound of gunfire and everyone rushes out to assist the other members fighting a group of shadows.In the middle of the fight, Yuri notices that NPCs are becoming the shadows.

Fujimaki rushes to the group, telling them that Takamatsu got done in (NO!!!!). Oyama witnessed a shadow eating Takamatsu. The nest day, Takamatsu is found as a regular NPC, doomed to stay in the school for eternity. Yuri calls a meeting to discuss the shadows as well as Otonashi’s idea of freeing everyone by allowing them to disappear (of course Yuri found out). She allows everyone to think of what they want to do from now on, telling them that she’s just going to continue doing whatever she pleases. After the meeting, to the surprise of Otonashi, Hinata, and Ayato… Yuri reveals that Tenshi was never an angel but a regular human just like them.

With an emotional speech type farewell, Yuri heads off to find the source of the shadow. She believes someone’s tempering with the program of the NPCs to take the Battlefront out. While investigating the library’s computer room, she discovers that a number of computers are being stolen. Searching further Yuri discovers a hidden door which leads to… the Guild.

As always, a wonderful episode, starting off with the comedy of Hinata v. Ayato, and ending on a more emotional note with Yuri’s farewell and the montage of various characters during the credits. The battle scene was awesome!!, especially T.K.’s english+dance moves+duel-pistols. Tenshi’s wings look beautiful, though a bit of a shame they can’t do much else (they did delay her drop a bit!). Looking forward to see who could be behind the shadows and maybe perhaps another SUICIDE DESCENT TO THE GUILD!?

“You are toilet paper. You will realize the splendor of how easily toilet paper is flushed—” (Ayato).


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