Posted by: orenjo | June 12, 2010

Angel Beats!

I honestly regret not blogging this from beginning to end. It’s an amazing show and incredibly fun to watch. I probably laughed and cried along with this show more than any other. I’m probably going to make a post for it beginning with the recently aired Episode 11 tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even post a huge entry for Episodes 1 – 10, highlighting the wonderfully touching and hilarious moments!



  1. Gah, I FAILED at blogging Angel Beats! I only blogged episode 1. D: I guess I got lazy because I usually take a large number of screencaps since I really love Angel Beats! Somehow I’m going to get myself to write a Final Impressions post on AB! at least.

    • XD It’s super tedious with so many screenshots, especially with really good episodes, narrowing it down is terrible!! I look forward to reading this Final Impression post XP!

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