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Angel Beats! Episodes 01-05

Here begins the first of two-part posts to catch up the blog to date with Angel Beats! Just a few screens and quick summaries.

Episode.01 Departure

Episode 1: Our main character, Otonashi wakes up to find himself thrown into a conflict with one beautiful girl sniping another, who the sniper claims to be an Angel (Tenshi). The world he wakes up in is the afterlife of sorts and so he can’t die, which we see multiple examples of. He’s recruited into the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen) translated as the Afterlife Battlefront, Yuri (the sniper) is the head of the Battlefront. The Afterlife¬†Battlefront engage in Operation Tornado to lift meal tickets.¬†Funniest moment probably has to be Noda’s 100 hit combo on Otonashi or Noda falling for his own trap… (silly Noda haha). First episode also features Girls Dead Monster performing “Crow Song”!

Episode.02 Guild

“Are you…?” “No!!”

Episode 2: The Afterlife Battlefront descends to the Guild to resupply firearms and ammunition! However, Tenshi has also entered and all the traps are now active. Each member is taken down by a trap, till Otonashi and Yuri are the only ones left. Before reaching the Guild, Yuri shares her bloody tragic past. Once at the Guild, Tenshi attacks and Yuri fends her off. The Guild restarts from dirt after destroying the current base to get away from Tenshi. The entire suicidal descent to the guild is ridiculously funny, but the revealing of Yuri’s past is a complete 180. The transition between the two moods came smoothly and the delivery of both gave their intended impact.

Episode.03 My Song

Episode 3: The episode focuses on Iwasawa, the lead singer of Girls Dead Monster. The episode also introduces two new characters, Takeyama, the new brains for the Battlefront and Yui, a fan of GirlsDeMo. Iwasawa reveals her past life to Otonashi, one filled with the absolute love of music, but a tragic end. As Yuri and a handful of the Battlefront infiltrate the “Angel Area” (Tenshi’s room), GirlsDeMo perform “Alchemy”. They discover a program on Tenshi’s computer that allows her to manipulate her own weaponry and techniques. When teachers break into the concert and attempts to take Iwasawa’s guitar, she snatches it back. She begins to sing a ballad. Hisako escapes to the control room and spreads Iwasawa’s “My Song” to the entire campus. Finally able to sing to her heart’s fullest, she disappears, leaving behind her acoustic guitar.

Episode.04 Day Game

Episode 4: After the vanishment of Iwasawa, GirlsDeMo is left without a band and so Yui tries out. Instead of the regular opening, a rock version is play with new animation and the singer for Yui (LiSA) as vocals. Yuri threatens a severe punishment game for those who don’t participate in the baseball tournament. Hinata ends up recruiting Otonashi, Yui, Shiina, Noda, and a few of Yui’s friends to his team. Some hilarious games ensue, with constant antagonism between Yui and Hinata as well as Otonashi and Noda. Turning serious for a moment, Hinata reveals his regret from his previous life. He failed to catch a flyball to second and ended up screwing his team’s many years of hard work. In the end it seems that he was offered drugs or sorts and most likely took them. As fate would have it, another second fly arrives before him. However Yui gets him in a hold as revenge and causes them to lose.

Episode.05 Favorite Flavor

“The truth is… I actually look thinner wearing clothes!”

Episode 5: Scheming to destroy Tenshi’s reputation as Student Body President, Yuri arranges for some of the members to be in the same testing room. Takeyama is in charge of switching Tenshi’s tests with ones full of bogus answers. In order to carry this out though, distractions are required. Thus the other members are doomed to fail and with the help of Yuri, propel and crash into the ceiling. The entire testing scene was a fest of extremely hilarious events. After the tests, the teachers felt insulted by Tenshi’s answers and stripped away her position, giving it to the VP, Naoi Ayato. Carrying out another Operation Tornado, GirlsDeMo performs “Thousand Enemies”. Tenshi enters the gym, but Otonashi says she’s different from the other times. She buys a meal ticket for Mapo Tofu, her favorite meal to comfort herself.


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