Posted by: orenjo | June 14, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 188

Target 188: Primo’s Will

Target 189: The Family’s Resolve

Tsuna fights Daemon, who happens to use a cane (guess they don’t want to reveal the mist Vongola box?). One of the things mentioned was that Daemon actually served Vongola two generations, becoming Secondo’s Guardian as well to improve Vongola. Mukuro appears right in time to save the girls from a mis-aimed X-burner. Liking Mukuro’s attitude a lot more than the rest of the Guardians, Daemon finally gives the inheritance. Primo appears and tells Tsuna that from his actions during the other inheritance tests, he deserves to inherit his will as well. Later in the forest, Primo finds Daemon looking at the pocketwatch. On the watch is inscribed a vow of eternal friendship. Daemon disappears as well at the Primo and the other Guardians, back to the Vongola Rings. Tsuna and the others prepare to return to the future, with Kyoko refusing to stay behind as the others fight. Everyone meets up and use the Ten Year Bazooka to return, Spanner welcomes them back.

SQUALO APPEARED~~~~ Yay~~ The Primo Arc comes to a close, but it seems that the next episode will be another review… sigh. The week after will be fun though~~ I really wonder how much of Daemon’s past is actually according to the mangaka’s ideas though. These arcs certainly don’t make Verde or Daemon look like the greatest people ever. With a mixture of some crappy, lazy animation, lack of decent fights, slow pacing, and really far-fetched personalities for some of the Primo Guardians (or maybe just over-emphasis on certain aspects of their personalities) I’m left with a bit of a sour taste for the Arc. Haha, as a side note, I’ve totally forgotten about Byakuran… till Tsuna abruptly mentioned him.>_>~~ Haha~


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