Posted by: orenjo | June 14, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 10

Story 10: Cry of Despair

Story 11: That Which is Fleeting, Strong, and Precious

Takashiro forbids the other Guardians from searching for Shusei, World’s End is supposedly on a full search for him. While captive, Shusei discovers that Ashley is the cause for the disappearance of the male students (and one teacher) as well as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. When girls comes to her for divination, she uses their unrequited love to turn their love interests into her dolls and keeps the girls in an eternal slumber to dream of their love. The girl didn’t realize that the handkerchief she brought Ashley actually belonged to Shusei, not her love, Hotsuma.

At the mansion, Hotsuma tells Yuki of the time when he tried to erase himself. Even if the world turned on him, he learned, he’d always have Shusei. Yuki reassures him that that’s how Shusei feels about Hotsuma as well. Later Takashiro calls a meeting, showing a movie found in the latest Sleepy Beauty girl’s room. The movie is a message from Ashley requesting to trade Shusei for God’s Light. Ashley in the meantime tortures Shusei to find out any kind of information. He refuses, wanting nothing more but to die for Hotsuma. Seeing how little he wants to live, Ashley puts him into an eternal slumber.

Instead of moving towards the trap, Takashiro sends Toko and Tsukumo to investigate the girl’s room. Toko leaves to enter the house, after switching ties and making a promise to return them with Tsukumo. While waiting, Tsukumo hears a man’s scream. It’s a scream from the teacher that Ashley had as a doll, but escaped. Various familiars chase after the man, but Tsukumo comes to the rescue and shoots them down. The twins arrive however, thanks to the dolls. Reiga arrives and finishes off Tsukumo.

Nooooo Tsukumo and Shusei all in one episode >_<~~~ Looks like Tsukumo might be saved by the Dr., but it also seems like Toko turns to Luka for some comfort. At this point, I really don’t like Takashiro. I understand Yuki is the most important but the Guardians should hold some significance as well… grr.. Must wait another week to see if Tsukumo makes it or not.


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