Posted by: orenjo | June 16, 2010

Angel Beats! Episodes 06-10

Here is part two of the Angel Beats! super posts! Covering episodes 6 through 10 are a few screenshots and a bit of summary/commentary.

Episode.6 Family Affair

Does anyone remember, “I’ll take a chip…and eat it!”?

“Your life was real too!”

Episode 6: Gah! I love episode 6. Naoi Ayato, the new Student Body President uses more direct and violent means to keep students in order. After locking up Tenshi and Otonasahi, Ayato slaughters the Afterlife Battlefront with NPC students. Finally arriving on the scene, Otonashi punches Ayato for distorting Yurippe’s memories. Ayato reveals his past, in which he lost his own life to replace his brother’s. In the end, Otonashi comforts Ayato, reassuring him that he can only be himself.

Episode.7 Monster Stream

Notice the two represented by their weapons?


Episode 7: Yuri calls Otonashi and Ayato to a seperate room and asks the later to use his hypnosis to help regain Otonashi’s memories. Otonashi witnesses the girl who gave him a purpose to live. Though losing that happiness, again with her help, he pursued a new purpose. However, that dream was cut short when he died in a subway accident. After recovering from the truth, Yuri initiates Operation Monster Stream, the Afterlife Battlefront go to fish at a nearby river. Otonashi invites Tenshi, and they are able to caught to master of the river. At the end of an episode, another Tenshi appears.

Episode 8. Dancer in the Dark

“As a side note, that guy got done in first again.”

“Get chance and luck!”

“It appears the time has come to show this body.”

Episode 8: Another suicidal descent into the Guild! During the Monster Stream fishing, Tenshi used her skill, Harmonics, which created a clone of herself. However, this clone is aggressive because that was the state Tenshi was in. Tenshi has been taken by her clone and thus the Afterlife Battlefront must retrieve her. Each member sacrifices their lives in order to stall the multiple clones of Tenshi, till Otonashi and Yuri are left once again. Finishing off the last clone, Otonashi finds Tenshi and asks her to use her power, this merges all the aggressive clones into her.

Episode.9 In Your Memory

Episode 9: The Afterlife Battlefront waits for Tenshi to awaken, not certain which Tenshi will emerge. In his dreams, Otonashi witnesses his final days. After the subway train crash, he awakens and helps the other passengers. They discover that both exits are blocked off and everyone waits for rescue to come. With limited water and food, Otonashi barely holds on to sign off that he wants his organs donated. Right as his life fades, the exit opens with rescue. He reawakens with Tenshi patting his head. Though he no longer regrets his death, he wants to save Yuri from her past. So Tenshi and Otonashi team up to help the other members move on from their regret.

Episode.10 Goodbye Days

“No matter where or how I meet you, I’ll fall in love with you. If I can meet you again, against the 6 billion to 1 odds, and even if your body can’t move, I’ll marry you.”

Episode 10: Oh, such a beautiful episode. The first Otonashi decides to help is Yui, who has many dreams, including becoming a musician, performing a German Suplex, making a soccer goal against five,  and hitting a home run. In her previous life she was paralyzed and watched the world from T.V. She felt satisfied with Otonashi allowing her to move her body so much. However, she has one last dream, to be married. Hinata comes to her and tells her he’ll marry her. A dream sequence begins, taking place in the real world, with Hinata meeting Yui and living happily with her.


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