Posted by: orenjo | June 17, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode 07

Crime 7: Determination

Crime 8: Freedom

With 6 days left till An-chan’s release, Ishihara is desperate to kill him. Sasaki, the doctor instructs him to find a water hose. They use it later to continuosly pour water onto An-chan. Kumagai, overhearing their conversation, rushes to tell Mario to return to the detention center by tomorrow afternoon. He promises not to let anyone die. Later that night, Ishihara caughtes Kumagai as he brings food for An-chan. Waiting with Setsuko, the nurse, Mario grows impatient at Kumagai’s absense. Ishihara arrives with a newspaper, reporting that Kumagai drove into a river, drunk. Both Setsuko and Mario know that Kumagai was done in for knowing too much. Asking to take some time to bandage up Mario one last time, Setsuko and Mario are left alone for a moment. Mario promises that he’ll get An-chan out alive, and asks Setsuko if she’ll welcome him back to the outside world.

Back at Block 2, Cell 6, the 6 youth plan out a way to break An-chan free. Meanwhile, Sasaki scolds Ishihara for killing someone. Now they have to lay low, Sasaki promises Ishihara that he’ll end up just like Kumagai if he does another foolish act. However, he also states that by tomorrow morning An-chan will be dead, as he’s fully at his limit. At Block 2, Cell 6, the boys discover Baremoto’s stash of cigarettes and shares around one of them, saving the rest for An-chan.

Yeah, look who lied and is now blogging RAINBOW again. There’s a ton of episodes to catch up on, but maybe orenjo will make it. Tragic how Kumagai geniuenly wanted to help them and ended up murdered by Ishihara. Now it’s up to Mario and the others to save An-chan. Looks like next episode will involve all of them running towards the exit.


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