Posted by: orenjo | June 17, 2010

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Episode 08

Crime 8: Freedom

Crime 9: Lament

With the plan complete, Joe offers to retrieve the key from Sasaki to free themselves. Pretending to be sick, a warden brings him to the Sasaki, who is fully enticed by Joe’s sly offer to sleep with him. Didn’t expect Joe to be such a sly talker, but not only that, he pulls a towel and strangles Sasaki as well as ties him up. Freeing everyone else, Mario and Heitai rush to An-chan’s cell. Taking down Ishihara and taking his key, they free An-chan from his torture and run towards the others. A warden discovers Sasaki and the alarm rings throughout. To distract the guards, Baremoto runs, ending up in the electricity room, he causes a power outage. Though caught, he calls for his friends to continue running.

The others head towards the front gate. Earlier Mario refused to go through the back gate, despite no guards. He wanted An-chan to leave not run away after two hard years. To hold the guards from reaching An-chan, Cabbage uses himself as a human shield. Eventuall, Heitai finds the right key and the front gate is open. An-chan on Mario’s back, as well as Supoon and Joe escape, Heitai stays behind to back up Cabbage and stall the guards. With freedom, the four continue on, however a suprise attack from Ishihara injures An-chan’s hand. Though feeling the guilt of letting An-chan get hurt, the other two reassure Mario that without him, they wouldn’t even have tried to escape.

As earlier stated, I was really suprised with Joe’s smooth, perfectly in control handeling with Sasaki. When Heitai asks if An-chan’s too heavy for Mario to carry with his injury, and Mario answers with tears that he’s light completely got me. Gah, everytime I watch an episode I fear if An-chan might die, it has me completely on the edge of my seat.


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