Posted by: orenjo | June 19, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 12

Episode 12. Knockin’ on heaven’s door

[Episode.13] Graduation

Tenshi fends off the shadows, in order to buy time for Otonashi to save the others. Hisako, Irie, and Sekine arrive before the principle’s office to say their farewells. Other members of the Afterlife Battlefront disappear after accepting their lives in the world as well. Otonashi, Ayato, and Hinata engage in a battle with the shadows, one by one, members of the Afterlife Battlefront appear to assist them. Each member just had such an epic entrance, especially TK!! Fujimaki gained so much of my respect, using a pistol and a yakuza sword, so cool!

Shiina appears, claiming to cover for 100 people, and sends Otonashi to help out Yuri underground. Yuri meets Chaa down below, who tells her that the Guild members also came to terms with their lives and he follows suit. From behind, Yuri’s attacked and thus enters into a peaceful school life. Claiming that such a life is unacceptable because she can’t forget or beautify her life, Yuri breaks free from the dream. Otonashi pulls her out from the shadow. Thanks to Tenshi, they were able to find Yuri.

With the help of the others, Yuri reaches the one in charge of the shadows manifesting. This young man is actually a programmed NPC, that activated when love manifested itself. His creator, and that of the Angel Program, designed such a reaction due to his own love for another in the world, who disappeared. However, the creator, waiting for his love to reappear in the world eventually lost his sanity and used the program to turn himself into an NPC. A bit confusing, I know, should try rewatching the scene a few times instead of relying on my vague summary……..

Rejecting to become God, Yuri, who loves all the Afterlife Battlefront members, decides that she also wants to disappear with them all. After destroying all the compueters, she apoligizes for loving the members just as much as her siblings. They appear before her, thanking Yuri, and reassuring her that she’s been suffering too long and now it’s enough already. She wakes up to see the four watching over her.

Ah, only one more episode now?! Finally some closure for Yuri. The beginning was a touching goodbye to the final GirlsDeMo members, but also so exciting as each member enters the fight. The hearts on the screen added quite a touch to the scene which marked a lot of Yuri’s inner emotions, which is absolutely based on love. Oh, another plus was the voice of the NPC, Akira Ishida. The preview at the end of this episode is extremely moving as well, especially the effect that Hiroshi Kamiya’s voice has to it.


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