Posted by: orenjo | June 20, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 11

Story 11: That Which is Fleeting, Strong, and Precious

Story 12: To Be a “Pair”

Dr. Izusa is able to heal Tsukumo’s external injuries, however a miasma is spreading throughout his body. In order to clear the miasma, Yuki uses his powers the entire night. Briefly concious, Tsukumo warns them about Reiga. After awakening from the exhaustion of healing Tsukumo, Yuki cries, realizing the harsh fights that they all face. After breaking Takashiro’s barrier and freeing Hotsuma, Yuki confronts Takashiro on attempting to save Shusei. Giving in, Takashiro says he’ll go as well and gives the three the symbol Ashley sent in order to get there.The three arrive at an amusement park and soon are attacked by familiars.

As Hotsuma and Yuki run towards Ashley, Luka uses his blood to lure the familiars away. On the way, Yuki and Hotsuma run into Kanata, who tries to convince Yuki to stay with him. However, Yuki refuses to return home with Kanata because he needs to save his friend. Kanata, rejected, says that he really did think of Yuki as his brother. Meanwhile, though the familiars did gain large amounts of Luka’s blood, their bodies exploded, unable to handle the Demon King’s blood that runs in his veins. After arriving at Ashley’s castle, Hotsuma and Yuki find Shusei hung at a cross.

Yay Tsukumo lives!! Now to save Shusei! This was more of a transition and set up episode with potentially a battle between three opasts + Reiga next time. Though it looks like Kanata doesn’t want to reveal himself to Yuki. Plenty of action with Luka and Hotsuma, however it was only against some familiars.


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