Posted by: orenjo | June 26, 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 13 (Final)

Episode.13 Graduation

Yurippe wakes up, everyone disappeared except Yuri, Otonashi, Kanade, Ayato, and Hinata. They head over to the Gym and commence a Graduation ceremony, mostly set up by Kanade. The graduation includes singing the Battlefront Anthem, diploma presentation, a speech from the class representative (Otonashi), singing of “Aogeba Toutoshi” (famous Japanese song sang at graduations), and final farewells. Ayato, not wanting to see womanly tears tells Otonashi that he’ll no longer hesitates and tearfully thanks him. Yuri apologizes to Kanade that she always fought her and says she’d wished for more time to teach her things. Hinata sites Otonashi as the reason everyone was able to move on, but he corrects him by saying he shouldn’t even have arrived. Assuring Otonashi that all his saved up luck will pay off, Hinata gives a final high-five. With only Kanade and Otonashi left, he asks her if she wants to stay with him in the world to help others move on. He won’t be lonely with her because he loves her. Kanade refuses, when she speaks her feelings, she’ll disappear. The heart that beats in her is actually Otonashi’s donated heart, not being able to express her gratitude, she arrived at the world. Kanade asks Otonashi to repeat his feelings once more. Embracing her, Otonashi, in tears says he loves her. After thanking him, Kanade disappears…

Yurippe’s true tsundere colors show! Anyone else who’s seen the Izaya version of Renai Circulation giggle a bit at Otonashi’s “Sen-no”? The scenery shots during Otonashi’s speech really added to the farewell affect, especially the GirlsDeMo instruments in the classroom and the member’s items in the principle’s office. As always, seeing the empty left behind space really hits, and just like Ayato my face was covered by tears at that point. Then Kanade hits again by revealing that its Otonashi’s heart that kept her alive.¬† Though a satisfying end…

Ending Credits + Epilogue!:

The credits roll with the inclusion of all the Battlefront members, with each disappearing slowly, and finally even Otonashi disappearing. In the real world of cell phones, a white haired girl hums “My Song”, a red haired boy notices her and reaches out his hand…

So at the end of it all, I can honestly say that I loved every moment of this series. Each of the characters and their personalities touched me in one way or another. Many tears and laughs have been spent while watching this. From propulsion rockets, suicidal descents, and even idiots playing baseball, I laughed tons and I cried plenty with farewells, painful pasts, and happy endings. Yes, I would have liked to see an ultimate character reunion of sorts, but with the Kanade and Otonashi ending, it’s exactly what Otonashi said. Disappearing is only a matter of starting a new journey. The anime played such a theme so well throughout and I really can’t criticize this at all. I wonder what lives Kanade and Otonashi might lead, now together in the real world.

Musicality wise, gah Jun Maeda just did a fantastic job. Not only did the tracks sound appropriate and beautiful, but each scene emphasized the mood the music conveyed. The incorporation of Girls Dead Monster, brought to the series some really fabulous tracks which didn’t need to align with the others. I can’t wait for the soundtrack which goes on sale on July 28th, as well as an ultimate collection of Girls Dead Monster that comes out June 30th.

There will  be an Episode 14 along with the last DVD/BD.


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