Posted by: orenjo | June 26, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 190

Target 190: The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack!

Target 191: Open Carnage Box

Trying to tie the Arcobaleno Arc back into the main storyline, the episode begins with a relaxing mood. Tsuna and the others eat Kyoko, Haru, and Yuni’s cooked meal, Hibari and Dino are at Namimori Middle, and Squalo calls back to his base for backup. Lussuria tells him that it’s impossible at the moment to send backup, the boss is busy eating and Flan is out seeing a girl named WW. Suddenly the teleport system reappears and several lights shoot out. Just as sudden, the base comes under attack and the defense system is easily breached. Zakuro appears demanding Yuni to return to Byakuren. Holding him off, Squalo counters with his rain flames as the others leave the base.

Once outside, they ultimately decide to go to Haru’s suggestion. She once knew an old woman who promised her a place to stay if she ever needed it. An explosion comes from the base and through the headset, Squalo tells them to run fast. Squalo couldn’t hold off Zakuro as long as he expected. Before Zakuro is Squalo, surrounded by flames, his arm cut off, and his shark completely taken care of. The others rush to the realtor that Haru spoke of. They find out however that the lady passed three years ago. They find instead, a man who prompts them to get inside, claiming he’ll hold off the real Funeral Wreaths.

A bit different from the manga, but the main event of the episode remains the same. Squalo noes!!! By the way, I wonder if anyone notices my blatant bias with this episode’s screen taking. Well looks like next week will be focusing on Hibari’s battle at Namimori. Due to the a certain Arc, the blonde man in black is no longer a surprise >_>.


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