Posted by: orenjo | June 28, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 12

Story 12: To Be a “Pair”

Story 13: The Irony of Fate

After Yuki and Hotsuma arrive to find Shusei, Ashley begins her attack. While Hotsuma fends her off, Yuki rushes to heal Shusei. Losing his guard after hearing that Shusei wanted to die, Ashley easily knocks him out. Yuki, however, continues to fight and protects Hotsuma from further damage. Once he gains conciousness again, Hotsuma struggles to fight Ashley in order to protect both Yuki and Shusei. Despite the beating he recieves from Ashley, Hotsuma continues to fight. Not wanting to lose Shusei, who’s always helped him up, Hotsuma screams for him to live. Hearing Hotsuma, Shusei awakens and lands a direct hit on Ashley. Togehter the two Zweilt Guardians fight with considerably more power.

However, the twin Opasts appear, one injuring Shusei with his huge chakram. While Hotsuma struggles holding off the two new arrivals, Ashley aims towards Shusei and Yuki. Luka arrives and easily kills Ashley. Out of sync, the twin Opasts heavily injured by Luka and Shusei. Just as it seems to be a victory for Yuki and the others, Reiga appears, finally showing his face to Yuki.

A lot more action in this week, with a battle against three Opasts. It seems like a breeze to take down so many once Luka arrives. The battles don’t end yet though, we’ll probably get some face-off with Reiga, but maybe not  a complete finish of him? Hm, if he was taken care of, wonder who the ultimate bad guy would be.


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