Posted by: orenjo | July 3, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 191

Target 191: Open Carnage Box

A new ED aired with the episode! “Canvas” by +Plus.

Target 192: Alaude’s Handcuffs

Deciding to trust Kawahira, Tsuna and the others hide out in the realtor building. They finally realize that this Uncle Kawahira is the same one that future I-Pin always speaks of when she appeared through the 10 Year Bazooka. After everyone’s inside, Kawahira uses a Hell Ring to create an illusion of a busy street before Zakuro appeares. Wanting to burn down everything, he remembers Byakuran’s warning. In parallel worlds, Yuni would risk her life again and again to save innocent bystanders. Heeding this, Zakuro decides to smoke them out. However, Kawahira spills a bit of ramen on Zakuro’s forehead and creates a fake killing intent, leading him to the mountains.

At Namimori Middle, Dino and Hibari easily destroy all of Daisy’s box weapons. Yet he continues to insist that he’s only going easily and demands to know the whereabouts of Yuni. Ripping open his shirt, Daisy reveals a box embedded into his chest, and thus he opens the Carnage Box. His entire body transfroms, with sun flames emitting from his shoulders and scales over his limbs. By opening the box within his body, his entire body becomes a weapon. Using his Pegaso Super Salto Volante, Dino manages to cut off one of Daisy’s arms. However, the same cut off arm binds itself to Dino’s Pegaso and Daisy’s arm regenerates.His box weapon immobolized, Dino uses his sky flames and whip to unleash his ultimate attack, Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce (these names are ridiculously long Dino…).

Despite an intense array of attacks, Daisy dodges all of them and lands a critical hit. Dino realizes that Byakuran already witnessed his attacks in parallel worlds and informed the Wreath Generals on how to defeat him (as well as Squalo). Hibari, tired of people messing up Namimori Middle, blows Daisy into the building (aren’t you the one destroying it?) and kicks the injured Dino out of the way. Dino claims that Hibari is just like the Primo Guardian of Cloud. Though he never associated with anyone, including the family, when his ideals coincided with the Primo’s, he would defeat the most enemies and show the most kindness. Hibari then unleashes Roll’s Combio Forma, Alaude’s Handcuffs!

Daisy gets on my nerves haha. Well the first Carnage Box’s been open and Hibari’s finally used Combio Forma, can’t wait for the next episode. Looks like some other characters will appear where Tsuna and Yuni are. Have we only seen Mist users use Hell Rings? I really like the ending song, suprisingly because I haven’t really like a good number of the recent ones. There’s a tidbit of spoils in it but oh well, not like the opening doesn’t spoil enough.


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