Posted by: orenjo | July 10, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 192

Target 192: Alaude’s Handcuffs

Target 193: Daemon Spades’ Devil Lens

After Hibari reveals his Vongola box, he continues to battle Daisy. Though Hibari can keep up with Daisy’s attacks, when he uses his handcuffs to capture Daisy’s arm, Daisy easily cuts that section of his arm off. Dino compares this technique to a lizard’s ability to sever its tail and regenerate a new one. Daisy is capable of using such a technique due to his sun flame with its active factor, allowing him to accelerate the healing of his body. Not only that, Daisy can also generate a copy of himself from his detached arm. Bashing this copy, Hibari gets pieces of Daisy on his tonfa and ends up throwing it aside. He claims he doesn’t need his tonfas and begins to multiply his handcuffs. Due to Daisy’s lizard tail technique, a few handcuffs would hold no effect, so Hibari, using his cloud flames, captures Daisy in hundreds of handcuffs. He defeats Daisy and takes his Mare Ring.

Meanwhile, in a forest, Byakuran uses his powers to visit parallel worlds. According to Kikyo, the process of doing so if much more difficult than Irie described. When the egg like thingy? (not really sure what to call that) breaks, Byakuran, completely exhausted, tells the location of Tsuna and the others. At the realtor, Kawahira already left, and now Yamamoto, worried about Squalo, decided to leave as well. Bianchi, Giannini, and Spanner tag along as well. Unbeknownst to Tsuna and the others, Torikabuto, using his illusions to conceal himself as Lambo, sneaks in. He manages to capture Yuni and flies outside, where an ambush from Bluebell and Kikyo. However, another unexpected guest arrives. Using his box weapon, Ganma destroys the Torikabuto illusion and saves Yuni.

Ganma appears, yay~! With Hibari’s battle taken cared of, looks like next week will be about the Primo’s Mist Guardian. Though I’m a bit weary of Deamon after the Inheritance Secession arc… sigh. Oh well, looks like the White Spell are also on the move, with Iris appearing in the preview, as well as a person with a familiar mask….. Next week should be fun if they cover what I hope they do from the manga~!


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