Posted by: orenjo | July 11, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 14

Story 14: Bound by Contract

Story 15: Truth

Both Yuki and Reiga admit that the dream of their happy lives together can no longer be realized. Still unconcious from the shock, Luka and Sodom wait for Yuki to awake. Eventually, filled with worry, Sodom transform into a human form and awakens Yuki from his bittersweet dream. Trying to distract himself from the truth, Yuki works about the mansion. As Shusei and Hotsuma worry about Yuki, Hotsuma asks if Ashley spoke the truth about Shusei wanting to die. Shusei explains that he lived and fought for Shusei, he also states that all the Zweilt Guardians love Yuki. Hotsuma can continue to live in order to protect Yuki, however Shusei on the other hand can only haunt Hotsuma with the scars on his body. Knowing each others’ pain, they promise each other not to run away any longer.

Later, Tsukumo and Toko split up to confront Yuki and Luka, respectively. Toko wonders whether Luka can stand Yuki not remembering the pass, since they once were lovers. However for Luka, that is only in the past. Yuki wished for herself not to live the same life once again, resulting in the male Yuki. For Yuki, he worries whether he hurts Luka by binding him to an ancient contract. Luka assures him that with or without the contract, he’ll stay be his side. The other Zweilt Guardians comfort him telling him that they all love him. Later that night, Tachibana relays a message from Takashiro, asking for him to go to the Kamakura residence in order to learn the history of the Giou Clan. At the Kamakura residence, two young men discuss Yuki’s coming.

Three new faces this episode, Sodom’s human form and what looks to be two new Zweilt Guardians. Kamiya Hiroshi voices the dark haired one and Hino Satoshi the one wearing glasses. Kamiya Hiroshi seems to be everywhere lately. Well looking forward to what their personalities will be like and what kind of development lies ahead for these two. Looks like Hotsuma and Shusei have settled their differences and with the strenght of everyone, Yuki seems to be moving forward.


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