Posted by: orenjo | July 13, 2010

Sengoku BASARA Two Episode 1

“Return to a Chaotic Era! The Advent of the World-Shattering Lord of Arms, Toyotomi Hideyoshi!”

“Lost Right Eye, the Gashed Dragon’s Back”

The Opening aired in the middle of the episode, so I’ll just add it here:
OP: “Sword Summit” by T.M.Revolution

Wow this is really late hahahahaha….. Well the new season continues from where the first one left off, with Yukimura continuing his fight with Date, as well as Takeda battling Kenshi. Interrupting Kenshin and Takeda, Sauske and Kasuga enter informing of armies marching closer. Date overpowers Yukimura, and right before landing a finishing move, Toyotomi Hideyoshi arrives, along with Takenaka Shigeharu, they demand the generals to submit to Toyotomi to keep themselves safe. Kojuurou and Date engage Toyotomi as Takeda and Kenshin retreat. After the battle, Keiji arrives, too late to do anything.

The second half consists of the different generals conversing with their key members on how to deal with Toyotomi. Keiji, consulting Toshiie and Matsu ask why they have joined Toyotomi. Rather than taking a middle path, they decided to seek the uniting of the country Toyotomi speaks of. Though once friends with Hideyoshi, Keiji refuses to join him and leaves his family. Yukimura, in bandages confronts Takeda about attacking Toyotomi. However, Takeda insists that their land must be protected instead of leaving it open for intrusion. Thus after several punches, tosses, etc, Takeda assigns Yukimura to move out and engage Toyotomi. Date and Kojuurou discuss of a spy amongst them, deciding to spy hunt the following morning. However, while Kojuurou admires his garden, Takenaka corners him.

Sengoku Basara is back with all our favorite antics! The first episode includes some awesome fight scenes, Date’s Engrish, and as our old favorite “YUKIMURA!! OYAKATA SAMA!!
-ness. The new opening is amazing!!! T.M.Revolution returns to sing for the series, and as always, his music brings incredible energy, coupled with new exciting animation.


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