Posted by: orenjo | July 18, 2010

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Episode 193

Target 193: Daemon Spade’s Devil Lens

Target 194: The Final Battle Begins

Despite Ganma’s arrival, Yuni’s saftey is still not guaranteed, as Torikabuto rushes towards her.Ganma braces for the impact with his resolve, however the Wreaths forgot about Tsuna who swiftly knocks Torikabuto away. Torikabuto uses Open Carnage Box (that is such bad grammar >_>) turning his body to that of a moth’s. The surroundings begins to swirl as everyone who sees his wings are drawn into his illusion. Despite the strength of his illusion, Chrome, using her Vongola Box, instructs Tsuna where to attack. This Vongola Box of course belongs to our dear Daemon Spades, his Demon Lens allow Chrome to see past Torikabuto’s illusions. Breaking through the illusion, Tsuna defeats Torikabuto. Kikyo decides to retreat due to the Vongola’s fighting style, being at a disadvantage against Reborn and the others.

The remaining Wreaths report back to Byakuran, who seems to be bedridden after using his powers. Zakuro, being the smartest of the bunch, actually flew all the way to Mt. Fuji to chase Kawahira’s fake hostile prescense. Despite the Vongola Boxes, Kikyo reports that the Vongola are no threat and they only managed to defeat Torikabuto and Daisy because they are the weakest of the Wreaths. Agreeing that the remaining Wreaths are on an entirely different level, Byakuran makes a call to Iris, who is to retrieve Ghost from Vindice. Meanwhile, back at the old base, Yamamoto searches for Squalo and Bianchi searches for something important. At the realtor’s Tsuna tries to decide where to go and Yuni says to go to the forest.

Another Vongola Box and another Wreath taken out yay~! Tsuna’s entrance into the battle got me really excited for the episode, however it ended on a bit of slow note and seems that the next episode might stretch out that feeling. Can’t wait to see what will unfold with Byakuran calling for Ghost, who the Wreaths are so scared of. The Demon Lens looked really cool in color though I did want to see the owl actually shift into combio forma, oh well~ Despite a transition looking next episode, the final confrontation with Byakuran is approaching!


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