Posted by: orenjo | July 21, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru 15

New Opening: “Inishie” by Rayflower

Story 15: After Determination…

Story 16: Frozen Time

New Ending: “Kizauna” by Rayflower

Yuki packs up to leave for the main residence while Tachibana attempts to rush everyone to school to prevent them from finding out. Of course this fails, with his overly suspicious actions. Rather than acting harming Tachibana, Tsukumo proposes to follow Yuki. Noticing Yuki’s worry, Shuusei convinces Hotsuma to go to school normally in order to take notes for the absent Yuki. Tachibana adds in that Hotsuma can only save Yuki in this way, and thus (silly) Hotsuma takes off for school! After the others leave for school, Kurori Senshiro, another Zweilt guardian arrives to drive Yuki, Tachibana, and Luka to the main residence.

On the way, they pick up Senshiro’s partnet, Horai Kuroto, a young shogi prodigy. However, he ended his shogi career in order to fully work as a Zweilt. He warns Yuki to prepare himself as well. At the main residence, Takashiro baths in holy water to prepare to ask for a divine prophecy. Luka stops before entering the residence, unwanted to being a Duras. Yuki reassure him that he’ll be fine. He wants to know more about himself, the past, and Luka. He meets Takashiro who no longer want to keep the past from him…

A new opening and ending this episode, which are both really nice. Again Rayflower sings both of them, and the animation fits quite well. I especially like the ending, with the characters dressed up, including Kurori and Kuroto (also featured in the op). However, the opening is just as fun to watch scenes of all our favorite characters, a fight between Takashiro and Reiga, and what seems to be Yuki unleashing his powers? Well, next week seems to include Reiga again, more human Sodom, and a new female character? I’m looking forward to the past that intertwines all their fates.


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